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Vail Communications is a family owned and operated telecommunication company with 35 years of experience

A look at our company history is a trip through the history of telecommunications in America, and a familiar story about how a small family-owned business can grow with dedication and skill.


Frank Vail took a job with Bell Telephone, working as a cable splicer’s helper. Within a few months, he earned a promotion to Frame man, then into the Installation department, where he worked to install telephones into family homes. 


After more than a decade with Bell learning the trade, Frank was transferred to AT&T to become a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) installer. He spent much of the next three years as the telephone man for Jeanes Hospital and the Fox Chase Cancer Center.


Frank went into business for himself, and Vail Communications was born.  In the beginning, Vail provided services to residential homes. Frank saw the opportunity in the payphone market and was soon servicing over 1000 pay phones throughout Philadelphia and surrounding suburbs.



Vail installed their first telephone system made by Extrom.


Vail was one of the first companies in the nation to install and beta test the new Win 24a phone system. They installed this phone system in Jeanes Hospital Maintenance offices in Philadelphia. Over time, Vail was installing both network and coaxial cables for tv and internet, and slowly growing their team and expanding their line of services.


Vail saw a rise in demand for video surveillance and card access systems, and they added these services to their roster.

Present Day

Since their first Extrom installation in 1988, Vail has kept businesses connected and running by providing network cabling, VoIP, Hosted VoIP, telephone services, television and conferencing installation, surveillance, and access services.

Technology and business needs change constantly, and Vail has seen systems come and go. The one thing that never changes is business owners’ needs for reliability and service they can trust. Vail has earned that trust in their customers since 1985, and they will do the same for your business.

“Each Customer’s situation is unique. Each solution is custom.”

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Vail Communications Inc. has been in business for 35 years.  We can provide small or large office Phone Systems, Voice and Data Wiring, Surveillance, and Door Entry Systems.

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