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Vail Communications offers top notch cable services

Here at Vail Communications, we offer industry leading cable TV services at an unbeatable cost. It’s no secret that cable TV is expensive. That’s why we made it our mission as a company to provide our clients with an affordable cable TV option. For many people, cable TV is just simply out of budget. We’re here to make it an affordable reality.
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Our client satisfaction is very important to us as a company. We understand that cable is expensive, so we always strive to provide the most affordable services. We are a family owned and operated company, so we have an old fashioned mentality when it comes to customer service. We take care of each of our clients and treat them like they are our most important client we have. This sets us apart from other companies in the industry that don’t treat their clients like that. This is something that we take pride in.

Your cable TV installation is important to us

When you sign up for our cable TV services, we send out a friendly, professional staff member to install it at your home or office. Each of our staff members are experts in the field of cable installation. This gives you peace of mind knowing that everything will be installed correctly and as quickly as possible. It is our goal as a company to provide each of our clients with the best possible service, so we only hire people that are experts at what they do. This is what sets us apart from other companies in the industry.

Each cable installer on our team sets us apart from other companies

Every single cable installer on our team has gone through extensive training on the subject which truly makes them experts. As a company, we believe that our team is the best in the industry. All of our cable installers work quickly while ensuring everything is setup correctly. While it’s fairly uncommon for you to run into issues after installation, we are always available to help answer your questions. Should maintenance work need to be done on your cable equipment, we typically send one of our technicians out to your location within a 24 hour time frame.

Types of cable we provide are listed below

  • RG6 is a type of coaxial cable used in a wide variety of residential and commercial applications (basically in cable television and professional video applications);
  • RG59 often used for low-power video and RF signal connections;
  • CAT5e is a twisted pair cable for carrying signals used in structured cabling for computer networks such as Ethernet;
  • CAT6 is a twisted pair cable for Ethernet and other network physical layers;
  • Fiber optic cable contains one or more optical fibers; used to carry light.
LPL Financial
Joanne Vasquez
LPL Registered Principal, LPL Financial
We have used Vail Communications to manage our phone systems for several years. They have been 100% reliable throughout our relationship. Very friendly and they always respond right away to any requests. If there is something they don’t know about phones, I’d imagine it’s not worth knowing. They are highly recommended.
John Ritzenthaler Company
Linda Fritz
VP Operations, John Ritzenthaler Company
Vail communications had taken care of our phone systems/cable/internet needs at our 3 different locations for over 10 years. They are extremely knowledgeable, reliable and professional. From cabling issues to phone line issues, to new phone systems, to moving entire computer systems, Vail has always been our one-stop resource for all of our needs. Vail has always had a variety of solutions to suit our phone and cabling requirements, but most of all, they follow through with these projects and are extremely easy to work with. Most of our situations become of an emergent nature and Vail has always been able to meet our deadlines.
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